Boating: Skills, Safety, Inspection

An estimated 1 million boats take to Wisconsin waters each year  - making courtesy, safety and education solid basics for boaters.

Boating Safety Links & Tools

Boating safety ensures a day full of fun on Wisconsin’s waterways. Please use these valuable tools pertaining to boating skills, safety and boat inspection. Then get out there and do some boating, fishing, paddling and swimming!

Your Boat  - Details count:

VSC Inspection (Vessel Safety Check)– If you haven’t done so, this is a good time to get a VSC inspection. Make sure your boat is safe.

*The diverse geography of the Fox River produces a range of difficulty levels for boaters, particularly for paddlers. Know your skill level. If you are not an experienced paddler, FOF highly discourages you from attempting to paddle near dams. These portions of the river are for experienced paddlers only.