Friends of the Fox

Friends of the Fox is an organization determined to be your advocate for the Upper and Lower Fox River System of Wisconsin. The Upper Fox flows northeastward from just outside of Portage into Lake Winnebago at Oshkosh, and the Lower Fox begins at the north end of Lake Winnebago and flows north to the Bay of Green Bay. There are urban stretches of the river surrounded by housing, recreation, and industry as well as rural stretches of the river surrounded by agriculture and woodlands. Friends of the Fox looks at the complete picture of the river and the people who live and work on her banks. We strive to advocate for responsible use, responsible re-development, preservation of both culture and natural resources... but most of all we strive to bring the many individuals along the system together to form one community... a community of Fox River advocates.


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Friends of the Fox Inc.
PO Box 741
Appleton, WI 54912-0741