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Friends of the Fox is an organization determined to be your advocate for the Upper and Lower Fox River System of Wisconsin.  The Upper Fox flows northeastward from just outside of Portage into Lake Winnebago at Oshkosh, and the Lower Fox begins at the north end of Lake Winnebago and flows north to the Bay of Green Bay. There are urban stretches of the river surrounded by housing, recreation, and industry as well as rural stretches of the river surrounded by agriculture and woodlands. Friends of the Fox looks at the complete picture of the river and the people who live and work on her banks. We strive to advocate for responsible use, responsible re-development, preservation of both culture and natural resources ... but most of all we strive to bring the many individuals along the system together to form one community ... a community of Fox River advocates.


The Fox River

Those who came before us were in love with this river….They chanted tribal songs of gratitude….Blessed the water with tobacco....Told grandfather stories of how the land laid itself open to make way for the great spirit river....The life blood of all people, of all generations to come.  The voyagers and settlers honored the river as a free-flowing highway....A nearby place to build homes....A pure and reckoning force for industrial power....Aren't we also in love with this river?  This common ancestor whose water runs through our veins?  Aren't we voyagers and settlers who bless the way early morning scatters light across the water?  Don't we all share a collective vision, a sense of holiness as a caretaker of the Fox River?  We are already the ancestors of new generations….

Will they not know how much we loved this river?  

Ellen Kort

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 Friends of the Fox  President, Dave Peck  


The Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway will traverse the state from the Bay of Green Bay to Prairie du Chien, following the Fox and then Wisconsin Rivers. Our unique history will be highlighted while connecting us by way of trails.

Water Trail Portage Project will create portages around all the locks on the system to allow for continuous non-motorized travel of the river system.

Rapid Croche Transfer Station will prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species moving upstream from Wrightstown while allowing for safe boat transfer.

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volunteer opportunities 

Lower and Upper Fox Shoreline Clean-up      

Water Trail Portage Project   

Lock Brush Removal

Heritage Parkway Community Meetings      

Appleton Trestle Trail Committee

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Federal Register notice published January 13, 2011 for a new drawbridge regulation to cover the operation of the Canadian National Railway drawbridge in Oshkosh.


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