Board Committees & Minutes

Friends of the Fox and their families making a difference in the quality of life on the Fox River.

Friends of the Fox has a dedicated Board of Directors constantly working towards the goal of improving the Fox River and its waterway. We have formed numerous committees, (listed below), in which we feel play a vital role in completing the work we hold dear to our hearts.

Current projects that each committee is involved with.

Our Board is constantly striving to not only fulfil the goals of the Friends of the Fox organization, but also the goals of our members. We are always looking for individuals who have our vision of improving the Fox River's water quality, to unite with us and become a Board member. If that decription matches your desires....won't you partner with Friends of the Fox? We always have room for new members on our Board. Please won't you contact us with your ideas and possibly consider joining Friends of the Fox?

The Friends of the Fox Board Members are not afraid to get down in the trenches and do the work that is needed to fulfill their passions. We do not only organize the work, but we actively participate in the work.

We organize and participate in:

These are just a few of the many community projects Friends of the Fox is involved in.

Monthly Minutes to our Board Meetings

Friends of the Fox Board Members have decided to share the minutes to our monthly meetings with those of you who would desire to see the work and projects that our Board is currently involved with. Please feel free to review the minutes by clicking on any of the links below.